Thematic Session: 4. Economy and Environment

Thu 16.6.2016 from 9.30–15.30, Place: Carpenter’s Workshop

Themes of discussion:
• Sustainable economic development, indigenous peoples and business
• Sustainable tourism (ecological and ethnic tourism)

9.30–9.40    Opening of the Thematic Session
Sakari Lindén (the Finns), Association of Finnish Culture and Identity
Secretary: Sisko Ruponen, Finland-Russia Society

Sustainable economic development, indigenous peoples and business
9.40–10.00    Presentation:
Theme: Finno-Ugric peoples in the context of industrial utilization of the Russian north
Natalya Novikova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Chief Research Scientist at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

10.00-10.10    Presentation:
Theme: Practical aspects of preserving old dwelling places of indigenous peoples, based on the Votian and Izhorian examples: Interplay between people, the authorities and business
Dmitry Harakka-Zaitsev (the Izhorians), Izhorian Society Shoikula

10.10-10.25        Presentation:
Sven-Roald Nystø (the Sámis), Special Adviser, Árran Lule Sami Centre

10.25–11.40    Discussion

Sustainable tourism (ecological and ethnic tourism)
11.40–11.55    Presentation:
Theme: The experiences of ethno-tour operators in the Republic of Karelia
Nadezhda Kalmykova (the Karelians), Chair of the Public Fund for Support of Karelian Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Karelia, Director of the Kinerma Ethnographical and Cultural Centre

11.55–12.30    Discussion

14.00–14.15    Presentation:
Theme: Sustainable tourism: opportunities and best practices
Aivar Ruukel (the Estonians), Tourism entrepreneur, Soomaa national park

14.15–15.30    Discussion. Closing conclusions.


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