Thematic Session: 2. Finno-Ugric information environment: future development prospects

Thu 16.6.2016 from 9.30–12.30, Place: Haapa

Themes of discussion:
• Native languages and advanced information technologies
• The use of languages in social networks

9.30–9.40    Opening of the Thematic Session
Nina Nesterova (the Komis), Deputy of the State Council of the Komi Republic
Andres Heinapuu (the Estonians), Member of the board, Estonian House of Taara and Native Religions
Secretary: Marja Lappalainen, M. A. Castrén Society

Native languages and advanced information technologies
9.40–10.05    Presentation:
Theme: Finno-Ugric languages of Russia in the electronic information space: experiences, problems and perspectives.
Marina Fedina (the Komis) Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent, Head of the Innovative Language Technology Centre at the Komi Republic Academy of Civil Service and Management

10.05-10.15    Comment:
Jack Michael Rueter, Language Researcher at University of Helsinki

10.15–11.40    Discussion

Use of languages in social networks
11.40–11.55    Presentation:
Theme: The use of languages in social media, including Wikipedia
Sven-Erik Soosaar, The Institute of the Estonian Language, Head of the Department of Finno-Ugric Languages and Dialects, Researcher

11.55-12.30    Discussion

Thematic Session continues:
Fri 17.6.2016 from 9.00-11.00, Place: Haapa

9.00–9.15    Presentation:
Theme: Traditional Finno-Ugric media (print and television) in today’s information environment
Elizaveta Haritonova, (the Vepses) Veps Culture Society

9.15-9.30    Presentation:
Urmo Soonvald (the Estonians), Express media As

9.30-9.40    Comment:
Margarita Ljange, Guild of ethnic journalism, radio station “Radio Russii”

9.40-11.00    Discussion. Closing conclusions.


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