Thematic Sessions

Subjects of the Thematic Sessions:

1.    Continuity of mastering and using Finno-Ugric and Samoyed languages and cultures by future generations
   •    Education levels and procedures, preschool education, language in the family;
   •    Attitude of peoples towards native languages. Prestige and status of languages in society, revival procedures;
   •    Bi- and multilingualism;
  •    Vocational training;
  •    Rural education;
  •    Cultural heritage, national culture;
  •    National professional arts.

2.    Finno-Ugric information environment: future development prospects
  •    Experience gained from the operation of national cultural centers;
  •    Native languages and advanced information technologies.

3.    Civil society and authorities
  •    Interaction at different levels; experience and practice;
  •    Practical experience of civil society institutions, including Finno-Ugric youth organizations.

4.    Economy and environment
  •    Sustainable economic development, indigenous peoples and business;
  •    Sustainable tourism (ecological and ethnic tourism).

5.    Demographic and migratory processes. Old and new diasporas
  •    Demographic situation;
  •    Healthy life style and sports, national sports.